About Us

Exotic Shirts was established in the summer of 2014, based on a passion for design and an interest in entrepreneurialism. Based just outside of London, we design and manufacture our clothes locally in the United Kingdom. Exotic has become its own global community on social media, with wonderful collaborations coming from South Africa and Hawaii to Canada. You can check out our latest adventures yourself at @exoticshirts

Our values: 

  • Customer service is important to us and we pride ourselves on our excellent feedback. This is down to our quick delivery, almost always next day in the UK, our excellent quality goods and the personal touches we add to each order, such as handwritten thank you notes.
  • Design is one of our top priorities, as fans who have been following the brand will know! Each tee design is rarely reprinted, setting us apart from other independent clothing brands that try to compete with us. We regularly brainstorm new design ideas and try to make our tees as individual and original as possible. To put it simply, when the tee is sold out, its gone… and we mean it! This means we can make space for new designs and fresh ideas.
  • Our community quickly became the driving force of the brand back when we started in 2014. We appreciate our global following on social media and our team of talented promoters who help push our brand in every continent. Proudly, we can say we are a global brand, and still get excited when we see all the exotic places our goods are being shipped to!